SMART4ALL Digitized Transport special session in Braunschweig – 14th of December (14:00-17:00)

With the SMART4ALL project in its final phase, efforts for showcasing the achievements accomplished by the funded projects per each vertical are intensified, while more opportunities for networking are offered to the beneficiaries. On this purpose, a special session devoted on Digitized Transport is organized on Thursday 14th of December at the premises of the German Aerospace Center DLR, collocated with the final General Assembly meeting of SMART4ALL.

Three Digitized Transport – related experiments (TUNNLL, DELTA and TempSens) and the internal experiment of DLR (RV4SAH) will be presented in the second part of the special session, while on the first part we have the honor to host a keynote speech by Pro digital EDIH representative, Ms. Katharina Quecke-Metzner, along with presentations of Metacities Excellence Hub and XANDAR project, which are related to different aspects of city transportation and autonomous vehicles.

The agenda of the session can be found here.

We are pleased to accommodate such an event that offers to the project beneficiaries the opportunity to:

– showcase the results of their experiments

– network with other European projects’ partners and researchers involved in digitized transport projects

– attend keynote speeches and presentations of innovation hubs, excellence hubs, funding opportunities

– discuss and get advice on their projects’ sustainability