TempSens - Project Description

The delivery of fresh and healthy agri-products, such as milk and meat mandates continuous
monitoring of the environmental conditions under which these products are stored and
transported. The TempSens project aims to experiment on the use of Radio Frequency
Identification (RFID) technology for the creation of temperature sensors which can be
easily installed providing a low-cost and reliable monitoring solution. This FTTE will
offer an IoT architecture solution that will help agro-food and logistics companies to
ensure the quality of the transported goods and to be in compliance with the EU
regulations and International food standard ISO 22000. NISS, an SME with experience in
RFID solutions for digital agriculture and digital transportation will collaborate with
ISI which has the knowledge of industrial solutions of IoT. They will deploy RFID Sensors
in tags of transported goods to identify critical changes which may affect their quality
for the benefits of both sellers and consumers.