Project Description

Mass public transportation is an expensive operation. It needs to keep running many buses, even when some buses are empty. Hundreds of small towns around the world cannot afford that. Non-existing public transportation leads to ever-growing small towns’ dependence on personal cars, one of the main contributors of CO2 emissions. Tunnll is a sustainable urban bus service for those small towns that do not have local public transport. The phones of connected passengers form an IoT network of sensors within Tunnll’s Cyber-Physical System. Each phone maintains a connection with the Tunnll’s CPS to continuously fulfil two mission-critical tasks: report its coordinates and receive passenger instructions.
These computations can be relatively energy-consuming over the course of a passenger journey. To avoid battery depletion and app termination by the operational system (iOS/Android), Customized Low-Energy Computing techniques shall be utilized (to be implemented by Technology Provider).


Skanatek AB - Sweden
Tovarna idej d.o.o. - Slovenia