TUNNLL - Project Description

Mass public transportation is an expensive operation, as it needs to keep running many buses, even when some buses are empty. Hundreds of small towns around the world cannot afford that. The waiting times in those towns are very long when there is any public transportation available at all.

Non-existing public transportation leads to ever-growing towns’ dependence on personal cars which are one of the main contributors of greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and traffic congestion. The inefficient bus usage results in more than 1 billion people having extremely limited social mobility and access to jobs, schools, healthcare and other essential urban amenities.

Tunnll is a next-generation mass transportation system for small towns. It can serve many more passengers with the same number of buses and drivers typically used in the industry. At the same time, Tunnll brings absolute car-free mobility to the town’s residents: with Tunnll, anyone can order a bus ride with an app.