Review of the webinar “SMART4ALL Marketplace Showcase for (E)DIHs” – 21st March 2024

The second webinar addressed to (E)DIHs with the purpose of featuring a showcase around the Marketplace One-stop-shop platform, the opportunities and benefits that it offers to DIHs across Europe, was successfully held on March 21st, 2024, with the participation of 32 attendees.

The event was hosted by FundingBox and commenced with a warm welcome extended by Maria Roca from FundingBox, setting the tone for an insightful exploration of digital innovation in South, Eastern, and Central Europe. Attendees were introduced to the overarching goals of SMART4ALL, emphasizing its role in fostering collaboration between academic institutions and industry to advance Low-Energy-Computing technologies for Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). Two presentations from SMART4ALL technical manager, Assoc. Prof. Christos  Antonopoulos, and the communication officer, Dr. Katerina Lamprakopoulou, followed as indicated below.

The Key Differentiator: SMART4ALL Marketplace MaaS in Practice
Christos Antonopoulos from the University of Peloponnese took the stage to elaborate on the key differentiator of SMART4ALL Marketplace, shedding light on the innovative Hub-in-a-Hub connection services. Christos took the audience through the SMART4ALL Marketplace showing the key functionalities and how to use them. Through practical examples, attendees gained a deeper understanding of how this unique approach facilitates seamless collaboration between Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) across Europe, fostering knowledge exchange and technology transfer.

How (E)DIHs Can Benefit from SMART4ALL Marketplace
Katerina Lamprakopoulou from Patras Science Park highlighted key insights during the webinar regarding the benefits available to (E)DIHs within the SMART4ALL ecosystem. She emphasized the significance of leveraging the SMART4ALL legacy, including its extensive network and open call statistics, to drive support for SMEs in their digital transformation journey.

Furthermore, Katerina discussed the value proposition of SMART4ALL, shedding light on its various offerings such as access to cloud services, platforms, tools, middleware frameworks, and educational resources. Additionally, she touched upon the SMART4Women network, underlining the importance of inclusivity and diversity within the ecosystem.

These insights sparked engaging discussions on how (E)DIHs can effectively utilize the resources and opportunities provided by SMART4ALL to enhance their support for SMEs, fostering innovation and growth in the digital landscape

The SMART4ALL Marketplace Showcase for (E)DIHs provided a platform for stakeholders to converge, exchange ideas, and chart a course toward a more digitally inclusive future for Europe. As the momentum continues to build, the impact of SMART4ALL on driving innovation and competitiveness across the region is poised to be profound and enduring.

The webinar was recorded and the video is available here.