3rd KTE welcome meetings – 4 & 6 October 2022

SMART4ALL welcomed all 18 winners of the 3rd KTE Open Call in two online meetings, which were held on 4th and 6th of October. The Head of the Mentoring Committee and moderator of the event, Florian Fricke (BTU) gave a detailed presentation of the organizational structure of the project, the coaches assignment, ethics requirements and guidelines, administrative information and formalities, as well as the reporting framework.

The technical manager of the project, prof. Christos Antonopoulos (UoP), introduced the winners to SMART4ALL Marketplace emphasizing on their obligation to provide artefacts as a contribution to this novel one-stop-smart-shop, while Katerina Lamprakopoulou (PSP), SMART4ALL communication officer, presented the main communication guidelines for delivering material showcasing the projects’ results and supporting the experiments’ sustainability.

During the meetings, representatives from the 3rd KTE winning consortia had the opportunity to briefly present their ideas, expectations and future steps for project execution.

The aim of the meeting was not only to offer the KTE winners all the necessary information for the orderly execution of their experiments, but also to foster collaboration and encourage a fertile exchange of ideas and good practices.

The virtual meetings proved to be a fruitful warm-up opportunity for all projects, which officially started on 1st of October.