2nd Open Call on Focused Technology Transfer Experiments

Focused Technology Transfer Experiments (FTTE) are novel short-term (9 months) experiments that target the formation of cross-border synergies aiming to accelerate product orient projects towards successful commercialization.

In the second round of Open Calls, 4 more FTTE proposals that involve technology transfer focusing on Customized Low-Energy Computing (CLEC) for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be funded with up to 80,000 € (lump sum) each.

Areas of application/ Domains:

✔️ Digitized agriculture

✔️ Digitized transport

✔️ Digitized environment

✔️ Digitized everything

Applicants can be:

– Universities or Academic Institutions

– SME and Slightly Bigger Companies

– System Integrators and/or Technology Providers in general

A Technology Provider and Technology Receiver shall apply together as a consortium through a simple application form. The consortium composition can be as follows:

Technology Provider Technology Receiver
Academic Industrial
Industrial Industrial


September 15th, 2021 at 17:00 CEST.

For submitting your application please visit: bit.ly/3iS4U1Z

Guide for Applicants and FAQs translated into local languages are available at SMART4ALL Application Kit and Webinars & Training courses respectively bit.ly/2Sh8Yy5

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