1st CTTE winners announced!

4 projects will be funded across South Eastern and Central Europe, in support of Complex multidisciplinary transfers and productization of novel CLEC CPS and the IoT technologies to wider markets, under the 1st Open Call on Cross-domain Technology Transfer Experiments (CTTE)!

SMART4ALL board is pleased to announce the names of the 4 winning consortia which were selected amongst 85 applications that included entities from 33 different H2020 associated countries and member states of the European Union.

The ten countries with most applications were Greece (35), Serbia (22), Spain (22), Italy (18), North Macedonia (15), Montenegro (13), Slovenia (13), Germany (12), Netherlands (8) and Bulgaria (7). Indeed, more than 50% of applications were submitted from SSE countries.

The verticals with most applications received were Digitized Agriculture with 24 applications, Digitized Anything with 23, Digitized Environment with 15, and Digitized Transport with 12.

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The SMART4ALL Team congratulates all selected consortia and wishes them good luck in the execution of their innovative experiments!