13 – 14 December 2021: DIH workshop “Boosting Collaboration for Digital Transformation” – Co-organization: SMART4ALL, SMART4EUROPE2, DIH4CPS

After a long period of limitations and physical distancing due to COVID-19, a two-day DIH workshop with physical participation will be launched on 13 – 14 December 2021, at the Universitat Polytecnica de Valencia (Main congress room of the Polytechnic City of Innovation), jointly organised by SMART4ALL H2020, DIH4CPS and SMART4EUROPE2, with the collaboration of Universitat Polytecnica de Valencia (UPV) and the Instituto Universitario de Informatica Automatica Industrial of UPV.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to reconnect and boost relations between Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH’s), SAE/I4MS projects and stakeholders across the European region, in light of the current phase of the SAE ecosystem development which is focused on consolidating collaboration amongst SAE project stakeholders.

To achieve its goals and give all participants the opportunity to share experiences and experimentation, learn from other programs and collaborate of future ideas, the two-day workshop has been designed to focus on:

– Technologies and Digital Transformation:

•   Applications and experiments.

•   Technologies against COVID-19 crisis

•   Innovation from labs.

– Boosting Collaboration:

•   Business models and sustainability.

•   The future EDIH development.

•   Success histories in DIH development.

•   Cascade funding model and opportunities for SME’s

For more information about the program, the venue and registrations please visit the workshops official webpage.