Magos - Project Description

Magos aspires to become the dominant HCI device in XR, revolutionizing the interaction framework upon which applications will be built. Analyzing in depth the state of the art input device solutions -joysticks- in XR market, it is common knowledge that they do not provide the desired level of User Experience; with limited degrees of freedom and low accuracy. For that reason, we see a next-gen device, Magos, as the enabler which will disrupt the framework upon which applications will be built in XR, making possible the implementation of scenarios with high dexterity.

You could imagine that actions like “transform digital clay” could be performed with users’ finger, instead of controllers, interacting naturally inside the digital environment.

The Sending is specialized in h/w and s/w development of Magos, having the opportunity to demonstrate the top XR HCI technology and get valuable feedback from the end user (Host). The host is specialized in the development of XR applications, so it will have the chance to try and exploit Magos in its applications, improving significant the UX through them.