LED2SPEC - Project Description

Cutting-edge NIR illumination matched with a novel spectrometer tech to enable low cost, broadly distributed real time materials sensing.The purpose of this project is to connect the Centre for Energy’s Microsystems Lab (Hungary) with a potential application partner Photonic Insights (Germany) who also serves as an interface between the Microsystems Lab and Fraunhofer IZM. Berlin-based company Photonic Insights develops products for advanced quality measurement.

Specifically Microsystems Lab provides cutting-edge illumination technology that is targeted in the near-infrared region 950nm to 1650nm. This illumination is an optimal complement for cutting-edge spectrographic sensors. The TRL level of the the targeted near-infrared LED illuminator is at TRL 7. Microsystems Lab is able to not only provide R&D to optimise these LEDs that they are available as certified technology that can be integrated into the existing spectrographic device created by Photonic Insights.
The novel illumination also supports accelerated COVID-19 testing by enabling new spectrographic diagnostic methods.