Project Description

Nowadays, shipping has become a fully automated process. Ship routes are predefined, ports are remotely controlled and robots are handling the deliveries. Since operational systems differ from port to port, accidents, delays or unexpected situations arise from bad planning. Having this situation analyzed, as consortium we aim to build an innovative idea
that shall alter the landscape of the current operational port systems. We propose to design and develop a system that incorporates the data from smart containers, from the moment they are prepared for shipment to the time of their unloaded to the port of their destination. These IoT devices will operate to make the container, “smart” container and it shall transmit its data from board the ship. They can be summarized as the container’s
manifest data real time physical awareness, position on the ship and their location. All these are be combined as assets in a smart contract. To achieve that, we need skills of our partner BIANOR.

Project Partners