ITHACA - Project Description

ITHACA aims to automate the charging process of electric vehicles through robotisation,
being focused on making this process safer and more efficient for vulnerable groups.
Some prototypes exist nowadays, but a series of disadvantages are found: Low energy
computing is not usually in the focus of these prototypes, most of the solutions are still
in a prototype stage…
In ITHACA, a new solution based on the usage of a collaborative robot is proposed, using
machine vision capabilities to detect the charging point, and using an ad-hoc gripper.
The solution would be initially tested in pre-industrial facilities, and finally in a
close-to-real scenario.
ITHACA is especially focused on vulnerable groups and also searching safety of the
driver in certain situations, and efficiency in the process. Since the implementation of
EVs and chargers will continue to exponentially increase in the next years, these kinds of
functionalities are vital to give support to such sensitive social groups.