Project Description

IoT devices and their firmware are notoriously known for their lifelong vulnerabilities. As we see a sharp increase in the number of infected devices, we also see how vendors fail at releasing patches at a competitive pace. Despite security in IoT being an active area of research, prior work mainly focuses on vulnerability detection and exploitation, threat modelling, and protocol security. However, these methods are ineffective in preventing attacks against legacy and End-Of-Life devices that are already vulnerable. Hardening emerges as an effective solution to provide IoT devices with an additional layer of defense. In KTE, we aim 1.to bridge these gaps through the implementation of HALE-IoT –a generically-applicable systematic approach to HArdening LEgacy IoT non-low-end devices via retrofitting defensive firmware modifications without access to original source code 2.to move HALE-IoT from research lab idea to implementing into Binare’s unique automated IoT cybersecurity platform.

Project Partners