Project Description

An SME Verlab establishes cooperation with a university group from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro with expertise in the field of machine learning, artificial intelligence and IoT. Through bi-directional internship program an employee from the group joins the company to learn about the medical device inspection process and data, and then Technical manager from Verlab moves to the university to learn about machine learning algorithms and IoT and to develop expert system models. An SME wants to investigate whether this innovative expert system can be integrated on IoT devices to produce an innovative system (FUTURE-MD) that will dramatically improve safety and accuracy of medical devices that are already used in healthcare institutions and that has commercial opportunities. Both, the SME and university would be the host and sending organisation for 1.5-month period. The leading organisation is Verlab. Capacity building for development of innovative system for prediction of Medical Device performance and maintenance plan


Faculty of Electrical Engineering – Montenegro