EPTATHLON - Project Description

Robotic system for soil laboratory testing. The under development robotic system aims to measure soil indicators by analyzing soil extractants which in combination with additional information collected at the source, will help in the final diagnosis of soil health status, evaluating the chemical properties and finally determining specific management practices towards a sustainable fertilization system.
SCIENTACT, having long experience in the diagnostic tools of the agri-food sector and cooperating with EU SMEs in the use and management of relevant tools, wants to be active in the field of soil analyzers, looking for specialization and technology transfer from specialized partners.
UNIVERSITY of PATRAS aims to take advantage of the results of the project by using the final development system in the Soil Laboratory premises, with main goal to increase the quality and efficiency of tests, while reducing the cost and environmental footprint of the related services, due to reduction of the used reagents with a covid19-free solution.