CryoTrans - Project Description

This KTE aims to answer the challenges in cybersecurity within the context of current geo-political and health situation in the SEE. Company Compass Security, a well-establish brand in cyber-solutions in western countries will perform a transfer of knowledge about the latest innovations in penetration testing, security reviews, red teaming, digital forensics and customized incident response to the Serbian company AT Advanced and its team leader Aleksandar Tepic. The training will be partially performed through the Compass Security’s forensic online laboratory. The KTE will have a potential long-term impact on capacity building and creation of new market opportunities for both companies, because it will empower their clients to develop socially responsible proactive strategies to the benefit of sensitive social groups in the SEE, strongly affected by the rapid penetration of digital technology, exposure to cybercrime and teleworking arrangements stemming from the COVID-19 pandemics.