• Context

SMART4ALL builds capacity amongst European stakeholders via the development of selfsustained, crossborder experiments that transfer knowledge and technology between academia and industry. It targets CLEC CPS and the IoT and combines a set of unique characteristics that join together under a common vision different cultures, different policies, different geographical areas and different application domains. The overall vision of SMART4ALL are depicted in the following figure.

The unique aspects of SMART4ALL include:

• A consortium of 25 partners originated from Central, South and Eastern Europe, mainly from geographical areas that are underrepresented in European funding schemes and where is a lack of DIHs to support companies in their digital transformation.

• Community building, strategy development and ecosystem learning for boosting high-end research and development for CLEC CPS and the IoT in South Eastern Europe (SEE), through an efficient combination of regional, national and European (Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe) policies.

• Support of application areas, such as digitized environment, digitized agriculture, digitized anything and digitized transport, that are not adequately represented in current SAE projects3.

• A new concept of marketplace which is offered as a service (MaaS) that acts as one-stop-smart-stop by offering tools, services, platforms based mainly on open sources technologies as well as technology suppliers-adopter matchmaking capabilities customized to the four thematic pillars of the project.

• Support of the New Skills Agenda for Europe4 and the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition5 by bringing together member state companies, social partners, non-profit organizations and education providers, who act to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe.

• Support of sensitive social groups by considering the regional, national and European polices and by ensuring that innovation and technology will have major impact in the lives of people belonging in the specific categories.