ANEBAS-G - Project Description

To study lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) efficiency, the researchers conducted many tests through statistics techniques. However, few research papers and reports on real experimental data of LIBs and ultra-capacitor for DST appear in the literature, because the experimental data are big and complicated. HORIZON S.A. and iSolutions will launch the ANEBAS-G project to analyse, estimate, and predict energy demand using a new framework for optimal control of electrical energy storage and energy balance in the smart grid context with given forecasts and uncertainty. The framework involves various renewable energy sources in a model energy park in a small Greek city under normal operating conditions and explains the energy exchange between consumers and HORIZON S.A. The data for this project come from experimental data of lithium-ion battery and ultra-capacitor of the dynamic stress (DST) condition. The exchange of energy is time- and season-dependent and based on the load priority.