AITCPRB - Project Description

Raspberries and blueberries play a very important role in the direct diet, as well as their use in many supplements. Raspberry is a strategic product in Serbia and has about 18,000 hectares under plantations, and about 2,000 hectares under blueberry plantations. Due to the non-use of modern ITC technologies in the production processes of these products, there are inadequate yields and poorer product quality, and the use of ITC technologies can significantly increase the yield, quality and price of these products. With the realization of this project, the company from Bulgaria will gain new knowledge and experience, which will enable them better performance on the market. Also, with companies that apply the defined concept, they can appear together on the existing or new markets of raspberries and blueberries.
Key words: ITC TECHNOLOGIES, raspberry production, blueberry production.