SMASH - Project Description

The goal of this CTTE is to level up the energy efficiency providing next-generation
low-energy IoT devices to facilitate the Smart Building Technologies.

SMASH solutions will reduce the energy consumption up to 30% in the current Smart
Building industry by monitoring and regulating environmental parameters. This is
particularly important for the sensitive groups with low income and those who live in
rural areas where utilities are more expensive and harder to get access to.

This CTTE will enhance the existing Tech Receiver’s products and make them more
eco-friendly, reliable and low-energy consuming. This significantly increases its
competitive advantage by providing products with reduced cost, but with highly increased
value for the customers.

This CTTE will allow the Technology Provider to transfer and disseminate its R&D
efforts, while the Productization Partner will have the opportunity to explore the new
technology in new markets, especially from the SEE region.