REMOCLEC - Project Description

We propose a novel product: an ARM-based remote lab for IoT&CLEC to allow students,
trainees & developers to control dev-oriented ARM hardware via the Internet for education,
training, and new product development. It’ll lead to broader CLEC&IoT usage.

UDeusto (Tech Prov) has a prototype for such a remote lab and years of related research
expertise. Through REMOCLEC they’ll publish relevant contributions and meet impact goals.

LabsLand (Tech Rec.) provides access to labs and equipment via the Internet (FPGAs,
robots, etc). Most of them are currently educational. Through REMOCLEC they’ll add a very
novel and powerful remote lab to their portfolio and gain access to new market domains.

Plegma Labs (Produc.) specializes in IOT solutions & consulting. They’ll help ensure the
product fits the IoT market and the industry training and rapid-prototyping domains (new
to LabsLand), market it with them, and integrate it into Plegma’s IoT cloud