Low power consumption is one of the most important design targets of several CPS or IoT
applications. The trend of “edge computing” asks for more processing power, consequently
for more energy.
The FTTE will prototype POP-LEC, an integrated equipment, aiming to improve the CPS/IoT
development workflow: to characterize power consumption and to optimize the hardware
management algorithms in the early development stage, before building prototypes. Users of
POP-LEC will save development cost and primarily, shorten time-to-market.
NplusT, the Technology Receiver, will apply its solid experience in semiconductor test
systems for engineering application and its mastered software and firmware technologies.
PCB Design will supply the high-performance analog and digital design.
POP-LEC will support NplusT diversification strategy and will open a new market segment,
with expected revenue increase of 50-100% in 3-4 years.