Review of the SMART4ALL webinar on 3rd KTE Open Call

On May 4th 2022, SMART4ALL successfully organized a webinar on Competitive Proposal Preparation for the ongoing 3rd KTE Open Call, in order to offer information, clarification, assistance and good practices to potential applicants looking for funding and coaching services.

The event was attended by almost 30 researchers and SMEs’ representatives, involved in digital innovation activities. During the webinar, which was moderated by Zoran Mitrovic, Professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad (FTN), participants were initially introduced to SMART4ALL basic principles and services by Nikolaos Voros, Professor at the University of Peloponnese (UoP) and Project coordinator of SMART4ALL.

The program of the webinar included presentations by SMART4ALL partners to assist attendees with the procedure of preparing a proposal for a Knowledge Transfer Experiment. In specific, Antonio Montalvo and Lynda O’Mahony, project managers at FundingBox, explained all the details of the 3rd Open Call on KTE, Georgios Keramidas and Christos Antonopoulos, SMART4ALL technical managers, offered advice on writing a cohesive, competitive proposal, highlighting things to avoid when preparing a SMART4ALL Open Call, based on real examples from previous calls.

The webinar closed with a short presentation from a 2nd round winning KTE. Neurofeedback Virtual Reality project, which used science and technical advances for training the brain to prevent many diseases and significantly improving cognitive functions, was briefly presented Mrs. Antonija Prtoric, professor at Institute Metacognis, who shared insights and tips for a successful proposal and execution of a KTE.

The presentations and videos of the webinar are available through the SMART4ALL Youtube channel, as well as on the “Webinars & Training Courses” and “Success Stories” sections on the Open Calls page.