11-19th September: SMART4ALL @Thessaloniki International Fair

The SMART4ALL project participates in the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) on 11-19th of September giving the opportunity to all stakeholders to be informed about its extensive network of Digital Innovation Hubs and its services for boosting technology and business development in South, Eastern and Central Europe.

Thessaloniki International Fair is the leading and multidimensional exhibition event of the Greece that is organized annually with historical continuity and consistency from the beginning of the last century. With an emphasis on entrepreneurship, innovation and culture, TIF attracts the participation of representative companies and government agencies from all over Greece, as well as prominent companies from the global market.

At Patras Science Park stand (Hall 7/ General Secretariat’s for Research and Innovation (GSRI) Booth) SMART4ALL will have a special place with printed and digital communication material available for every stakeholder.

In the context of the TIF, on Wednesday 15th of September at 15:00 CEST, the SMART4ALL technical manager, Assistant Professor Georgios Keramidas, is going to give a short speech about the project and will answer to the audience’s questions. The event will be in live streaming as well on

Stay tuned for more information.