MilkTrack - Project Description

Milk quality details, such as fat and protein levels, are crucial to all milk producers.
They define the price/lt milk produced and help assess the herd’s health status. External
labs currently provide this information with a substantial delay (up to 5 days), which
often causes mistrust and friction between producer and buyer (competing interests).
MilkTrack aims to enhance the direct food quality control for milk farmers. Implementing
MantiSpectra Near-infrared Spectrapod sensors into the Agrtirack agriculture automation
platform enables farmers real-time assessment of key milk characteristics.
Just for Greece, the logistical and processing cost of milk samples by certified labs
across its 50.000 dairy producers is estimated at €25,5M without evaluating the importance
of timely information to redirect milk farms and processing centres, etc.
MilkTrack will provide this essential information directly to dairy farmers and build