Project Description

Learningpath is an e-Learning platform which aims to bridge the gap between the members of any learning process. Whether it is a teacher or a student, a company or an employee or even two or more individuals that wants to cooperate and share knowledge, Learningpath offers a modern user interface with multiple features (designed with the latest technologies) in order to assure that this process will run with high efficiency and quality standards. The platform should be accessible by everyone, despite of any
limitations someone could meet due to factors such as his social and economic class, geographic location or even health issues. Therefore low-cost smart devices will be used to host the platform, assuring stability and access to multimedia content in an asychronous way. The product is architectured in a way that a user does not need a 24/7 connection to the Internet, since desired content will be loaded and updated automatically
or manually according to user’s needs.

Project Partners