IoT SOLTRACK - Project Description

This CBTTE integrates IoT technology from a university research team in North Macedonia
(FEEIT UKIM) into a prototype solar photovoltaic tracking device owned by a commercial
Innovation Centre in Serbia (ICUN) who specialize in integrating and transferring
technology for the engineering sector. The value chain is extended by a second Serbian SME
ALFA KLIMA (AK) who produce and sell commercial energy equipment and have access to early
use-case testing facilities in the agricultural field.
FEEIT develop IoT software for local commercial energy markets and static applications
but have not applied their know-how to mobile applications and the market in the wider
region. ICUN have worked on conventional trackers and mechanical robotic systems but lack
IoT knowledge to take advantage of the growing, regional agricultural market. AK have an
established customer base for conventional power devices and want to diversity their
product base and expand further into the region.