Project Description

iThermAI expertise is smart video surveillance using computer vision. iThermAI has started working on bootstrap learning of heat/movement patterns of industrial machines. Precisely, we are interested to visualize different parts of the machine and measure the cyclic heat/movement patterns from the live video stream. Combining the heat/movement features with other IOT-based sensor data such as temperature, vibration, electrical consumption signature, we are able to provide a digitized 24/7 solution for controlling the production parameters. These data can also be
processed using available big data technics to predict the maintenance requirements of the machine (predictive maintenance in Industry 4) Elvez has an injection molding machine in their production line. We can do the
heat/movement feature detection on this machine. The knowledge that is generated in this experiment is useful for both parties specially iThermAI which can directly benefit from it to foolproof their algorithm.

Project Partners