HP - Project Description

Due to the current epidemiological situation, there is a need for developing and installing a system for detecting the effects of microorganisms on the human body. At the same time, due to the growing global threats of terrorism that occur in places where a large number of people live, it is necessary to develop a surveillance and detection system that can reliably and quickly (in real time) record, analyze, detect and propose the best solution in order to prevent unwanted events or happenings.
Hybrid Photogrammetry recording algorithm determines who is potentially ill, who is infected or who is behaving strangely, in terms of potential aggression or criminal activity. Through theoretical training and presentation of work on such a project, knowledge and experience will be transferred from the knowledge and technology Center to SME. That way the CONNECTION INTERNATIONAL d.o.o. will be absolutely competitive, cause there is no such a system at the EU (or worlwide) market yet.