ERMES - Project Description

Public micro mobility services (bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters) have a direct impact on the
environment and the low-carbon economy. In parallel, sensing/monitoring urban air quality
is a known need for any smart city to raise population awareness on health risks.
Cyclopolis is developing an autonomous low energy air quality sensor kit to be safely
mounted on public micro mobility fleets. ERMES aims to extend the functionality of the kit
with the transfer of Eurac’s novel technology and knowhow on digital platforms to the
sensor-kit as well as to promote it effectively with the Gruppo FOS’ marketing and
commercialization network.
ERMES will provide the public shared mobility market a reliable data and information
service for smart cities. With ERMES, Cyclopolis will upgrade its product, reducing
time-to-market, Eurac will deploy in the real environment its technology and validate the
robustness of its IoT prototyping service. FOS will extend its portfolio of products and