EOSystem - Project Description

The EOSystem FTTE aims at integrating an innovative low-energy sensor network in the
disruptive smart capsule developed by AB zero, an autonomous system for the delivery of
blood, hemocomponents, and organs that allows anyone (e.g. medical staff) without drone
flying license to launch delivery missions via completely autonomous UAVs in full
compliance to all applicable flight and medical regulations. The TT outlined focuses on
the integration in the AB zero system of the low-energy sensor network developed by
RoboLab for monitoring and transmitting on dedicated medical frequencies all relevant
parameters of the transported goods. The envisaged integration will thereby allow the real
time monitoring of the transported goods and a warranty of the quality of the delivery.
From a R&D standpoint, EOSystem brings about a dramatic optimization of the energy
consumption of the system; from an industrial standpoint, it makes the biological
materials delivery more efficient, reliable and safe