DIGIcoach - Project Description

Each year over 3000 graduates of Montenegro get a chance to go through a 9-months long internship paid by the State. In 2020, over 12.500 vacancies were advertised through this program. However, less than 50% are offered a job afterwards, which means a new approach to the program is needed so that it can be effective.
Minuta’s goal is to increase the employability of youth through Jobiri – digital career coach based on AI, which provides support to the interns, institutions and employers. The final goal is to make Jobiri more useful to interns and support the institutions and companies involved. To do that, an expert from Career Paths will be invited to transfer the knowledge on digital internships to the team of Minuta and introduce modern methods of career coaching.
A variety of tools and methods will be employed to accomplish successful knowledge transfer which will help the Minuta acquire skills and knowledge on how to implement Jobiri to improve the graduates’ employability.