D-RABBIT - Project Description

The project is about unlocking the potential of overlooked sensorimotor training by making
balance boards smart and enabling gamification. Balance training is important as it trains
the core of the body needed in all sports and daily life. The problem is that it is dull
and not practiced as much as needed, despite only a few minutes a day making a difference.
Gamification of training can overcome this problem, but first sensing and activity
recognition are needed and can be achieved with IoT and AI. Based on PBM3’s domain
expertise (Tokyo 2020 Olympics participation), a prototype (mobile phone on board), and
previous collaboration experience (PBM3 and Unica explored deep learning for activity
recognition, PBM3 and Kingsbox developed another product) the team will bring a new use
case and scientific publication for Unica, a chance to extend their expertise to the
masses and better services to PBM3, and entrance in the segment of smart fitness for