BC4GRID - Project Description

Blockchain technology (BC) in electricity sector is important for achieving transition to
smart grids. BC4GRID aims to create BC software (SW) for the smart grids that can optimize
existing processes, secure grid management and energy trading.
MISANU is developing BC with a new combinatorial optimization consensus protocols
(COCP), cryptographic time-memory-data trade-off approaches (TMD-TO) and new cryptographic
algorithms that ensure data privacy, cyber-attacks resiliency and ID management. INC is
developing data-driven models in commercial SW projects for smart energy grid solutions.
INC aims to extend its portfolio on BC for smart grids through the transfer of MISANU’s
technologies and knowhow. BSN has a background in commercializing BC technology and it has
an experience in creating effective marketing and commercialization strategies. With
BC4GRID, MISANU will deploy and validate its BC protocols and algorithms. INC will reduce
time-to-market and BSN will upgrade its portfolio.