artWater - Project Description

The proposed artWater project establishes a vertical for the transfer of WWT (Wastewater Treatment – WWT) knowledge and technology from RWTH to Olimpija. Olimpija will integrate the transferred inputs into the artWater system based on its competences in implementing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT (AI / ML / IoT) based systems. ArtWater will be applied to a use case in the Zlatibor region (City of Uzice, Serbia). ArtWater can be a key element of the WWT strategy, both in effluent quality parameters prediction, and sustainable water pollution monitoring in Serbia and surrounding countries.
For Olimpija, the project increases its potential and capacity to monetize AI/ML/IoT based solutions applied to WWT. The benefit for RWTH is the enrichment of WWT theoretical models and experimental results with reliable ML models. Additionally, the RWTH benefit is the validation of theoretical knowledge in a real-world use case — WWT plant, or other relevant use case.