AirPRED - Project Description

Partner 2 is working in IoT sector, main activity is implementing IoT solutions, with special focus on smart cities and smart industry. It is also the largest LoRa provider in Slovenia and has wide knowledge in this field.

Partner´s 1 main area is application development. As IoT industry is increasing rapidly, there was a big potential recognized for air pollution prediction and application development. As Partner 1 has a lack of knowledge in this sector, KTE is a great opportunity to gather IoT experiences with application integrations and machine learning. Special focus will go to advanced use of specific IoT communication protocols (Zigbee, LoRaWAN, Dash7, Wi-sun and other LPWAN protocols) and technical use of sensor devices (configuration, simulation, installation etc). Knowledge will be transferred also vice versa as Partner 1 has many experiences in machine learning and this could be also the key turnaround for Partner 2 to get more knowledge in this field.